From a metaphysical perspective, many women hold suppressed emotions in their sacrum or pelvis (1st and 2nd Chakras), especially guilt and sexual shame. Women who take up belly dancing go through profound emotional breakthroughs that accompany physical changes. For instance, they may experience less pain around the time of menses and many joint problems are usually alleviated. The body literally aligns to its natural state to support a powerful feminine body that is an open channel for life to flow through.

Women who have had negative sexual experiences are gracefully and gradually freed through the unblocking of stagnant energies that were once stored in the mind-body. The safe space that is created for women to express their feminine essence assists women to let go and enjoy their bodies. In this nurturing atmosphere a woman can explore how her body moves and so finds new ways to let go and enjoy her instinctual flow.

Since Babylonian times (the oldest form of dance according to some experts), belly dancing was traditionally performed for other women, usually during formal events like fertility rites or pre-marriage ceremonies. The Goddess was worshiped and the feminine divinity was regarded as the prime creator and nurturer. Dating back to 4500 BC, fertility of the divine feminine was celebrated and used in many rituals for magical purposes, sexual excitement, honoring the earth and birthing. Women would gather at temples to perform for other women as a way to suggest how potent and sexy they were as a path to express and embrace their passion.

The dance is designed to give energy back to the earth by shimmying the hips as a way to earth her joy into the ground.

Join Ozlem and other powerful women in class to continue this magical tradition!

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