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Music To My Ears (or...My Belly)

Do you ever get goose-bumps when you listen to certain types of music?

When we listen to music, we are resonating with numbers and frequencies of creation. Go back thousands of years when our ancient ancestors used specific harmonic tuning in sacred healing rituals and you will discover the oldest instruments were tested and found to be tuned precisely to certain hertz frequencies which include ancient instruments discovered in Egyptian tombs, the lyres of ancient Greece and the davul (drum) having been used by the various civilisations of Anatolia, and later by communities in Central Asia.

Music helps us to balance and open the Chakras which are the energy centers linking our physical body to our spiritual body. When these are in harmony, well being abounds. When they are blocked, the energy flow is disrupted and illness results (aka dis-ease). When we Belly Dance, we are predominantly activating the Naval Chakra or your Solar Plexus region - controls our ability to be in control of our own lives and to be confident. This is where where our self worth and self esteem energy centers originate. Yah, to belly-popping!

The music used in ORYANTAL classes, restore and optimise the flow of energy in the parts of your body where it is required, healing you physically, mentally and spiritually.
Here's one of my absolute favourites that I often play in class - Kanun solo by Taksim Trio (Kanun: a traditional Middle Eastern stringed instrument, trapezoid-shaped hollow sound box made of walnut wood, and 78 strings):

Kanun Solo, Taksim Trio


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