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Engage Core Muscle Groups

Benefits of Oryantal classes

And you thought that doing countless crunches will flatten your stomach! Think again. While not a total solution, swaying your hips, holding your posture, breathing and simply framing your body with belly dancing and yoga, engage your upper and lower abdominal areas, along with your oblique’s (love-handles) for a tighter and firmer core. This helps you develop stronger abdominal muscles as well as lower back muscles. Anyone who experiences back pain, can be assured that this practice will support their efforts to strengthen the body. 

Most women have reported that belly dancing and yoga has completely eradicated their back pain. When correct technique is used, the body naturally aligns. This can also be a break from the regular gym routine and far more rewarding than heading to a pump class or working out on your own. According to The American Council on Exercise, belly dancing and yoga increases core balance, tones abs, increases flexibility and improves posture.

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