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Dance Into Ecstatic Health

When women are part of community group and dance regularly, they are said to be more content as they have a secure sense of identity and connection to other women.

Soothes the reproductive system

Many women who dance regularly suffer little or no menstrual or menopausal challenges. In Turkey, a lot of women don’t know what pre-menstrual tension is. Their society even supports them during this powerful time of renewal, as women are excused from both prayers and household chores for a couple of days, if they choose.

These women often gather in groups to drink tea and to dance and some will dance by themselves in their homes every day. Most women do not get menopause as early as western women and cervical cancer, which is one of the highest killers in women, is almost unheard of. It’s possible that many of the movements in belly dancing are concentrated in the belly region and assist lymph and blood flow to and from the area thereby both increasing circulation and reducing possible congestion. 

The health benefits for women who belly dance and practice yoga regularly are profound.

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