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Awakening the Feminine

The Mystery of the Feminine...

The Egyptians say every girl is born a dancer.

The most beautiful dancers are those fully in tune with their own inner energies. They dance for themselves like no one else is watching. This outward expression of the inner experience is what transforms the dance from a sexy display into something more profoundly sacred.

It is now time for the feminine to reclaim her inner Goddess using Sacred Yoga and dance to explore the powerful gifts she has within and it’s time to recreate the old outdated myths of descent; from evil seductress to sacred feminine. Together we can create a new mythology through this dance which can cause a huge shift in our collective consciousness of women. This new paradigm will create a harmonious unity between men and women and both sexes can stand in their full power and stand equally.

The shimmy is a fast shaking movement of the buttocks, belly and thighs. We can powerfully balance our cycles by simply shimmying. It builds up sexual energy during ovulation and stimulates the ovaries (this was a ritual in the temple of Artemis at full moon). When bleeding, these movements can be softer so that energy is taken in and the woman naturally focuses her awareness inward. By shaking your hips, you release stagnant or blocked energies which nourishes and regenerates your being. In today’s fast-paced world, women are out of tune with their natural cycles and regard menstruation as interference to their daily lives and merely attempt to block the bleeding which is the natural flow of life. When women take up belly dancing, they restore the sacredness of womanhood by reconnecting with these cycles and by doing so, reclaim their full power.

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