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    Sacred Goddess Awaken Your Sensuality


    Özlem offers a variety of dream destination Dance & Yoga retreats! You won’t find a more incredible way to enrich your yourself. Let the healing power of dance, music, movement, breath and nature work its magic on you in exotic destinations.

    Each year and each location is unique but one thing is for sure; We will combine the power of nature, healthy food, dance, yoga, meditation, music, sisterhood and connection to offer you an unforgettable, life-changing experience.


    Feminine Coaching

    Work with me

    Invest in yourself with personalized, one-on-one support from me. One session may be all you need to get clear and empowered on your path. If you wish to be more aligned with your life purpose, deepen your exploration and connection with the sacred feminine or you are called to open up to your inner and outer beauty and share it with the world, then having a mentor may be the right fit for you.

    Virtual + In-Person Classes

    Practice Yoga with Ozlem for a deep, enriching, revitalizing boost to your physical, mental and spiritual well being from the comfort of your home (we use Zoom to connect) or join us in person in our Temple HUZUR in Elanora Queensland.
    Incorporating techniques from Tantra, pranayama (breath), yoga nidra and hatha yoga principles, you will detoxify your emotional body which will have profound effects on your health as well as improve your flexibility, body-mind awareness, boost your immune system and bring joy into your life.


    A Magical Gift of Being Woman

    ...like a free membership site, but not one of those...

    The gathering of women is an integral part of life. Women know other women and deeply learn to connect intimately.


    If you are wanting to create change, unleash your potential, access your intuition so you can make powerful decisions, be part of a sisterhood, change your thoughts/beliefs that are holding you back, and DANCE like a Goddess, then you need to be here.

    Our group is filled with awesome live videos, ideas and experiences and sharing circles... and lots of DANCING to get you into your BODY and out of your head!


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    Release your pain...relieve stress...BREATHE in and out...RELAX with these empowering tools

  • meet ÖZLEM

    Feminine Embodiment Coach and ex-scientist (nutritionist) turned embodied woman, I intimately understand what it’s like to live life feeling dis-connected & ashamed of being a woman having been raised in a Muslim culture dominated by patriotism. I am on a mission to empower women into their sensual and sexual essence so she can unleash her deepest held desires to share her gifts in the world.


    I am a qualified nutritionist with extensive training as a coach in personal & spiritual development, workshop and feminine embodiment facilitator, certified fitness trainer and Yoga teacher with decades of experience sharing sacred feminine dance, Tantric principles and guiding people through transformational processes in her retreats in various exotic locations.


    I am a profoundly passionate & dedicated creatress with first hand experience healing my own relationship with my body and myself; overcoming eating disorders, drug addictions and depression. I have dedicated my life to self empowerment and awakening, women claiming their sensuality, deepening their relationship to themselves and owning and falling in love with all parts of themselves as a woman.


    "Welcome" in Turkish!

    I have a family origin of Turkish and French heritage. I grew up in Cyprus as a young girl and from the early age of 8, discovered a love for the middle eastern music and dance as I immersed myself in the cultural traditions with my aunties, cousins and friends. I have been performing, teaching and making a huge difference to women’s well being over the last 15 years by being a mentor, a leader, a sister and a source of empowerment for women.


    My programs are specifically for the female body - sensual dance coupled with Yoga help women deepen their connection to themselves by cultivating a strong sense of self. Drawing on ancient Taoist yoga principles, Tantra and exotic Middle Eastern dance, reach into your soul and awaken the Goddess within.


    Read Ozlem's full Story here.

  • Reclaim your sensuality​

    You Are Woman.
    You Are Goddess.


    Our true power comes

    from owning our sensual power

    Awaken to your pleasure centers


    Are you ready to step into your fullest,

    most confident expression of you?

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